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Welcome! The Beat in association with brings you these science fiction books for your reading pleasure! These are some of the "Classic" science fiction / fantasy series. We will add more series so keep checking back with us!

To learn more about or to order one of the following books, just click on the book's title.

Check out some classic science fiction at:
Ayer Company Publishers
Over 15000 titles, mainly reprints of works judged by experts as being worthy of staying in print forever, in all fields.

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    Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase - An invaluable site for the SF fan or researcher! A database of stories, authors, awards, etc.

    Science Fiction Resource Guide - A great collection of links to SF resources on the Net.

    SF Literature Forum - "Home page for the SF Literature Forum on Delphi Internet."

    AwardWeb - Information on the major literary awards of the SF and fantasy community.

    MIT Science Fiction Society - Home of the world's largest open-shelf collection of science fiction books; includes a searchable database.

    Transformation Stories List - Books, stories and other works (mostly SF, fantasy, and horror) with shapeshifting (werewolves, nanotechnology, etc.) as a theme. Searchable; includes brief descriptions and reviews.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Book Database - Website devoted to sf, fantasy and horror books; includes brief biographical information on authors, links to further resources on the web, and book-purchasing information; the "database" itself is searchable by author, keyword, or genre(s).

    SF-Lovers Archive - "The original home of SF and Fantasy information and discussion."

    Uchronia: The Alternate History List - An annotated bibliography of novels, stories, essays and other material involving the 'what ifs' of history.

    Science Fiction: Hugo Award Winners - This is the complete list of Hugo Award Winners.

    Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia - A site for scholars, fans, and readers of feminist science fiction and fantasy. - Science Fiction & Fantasy books written by women. Broken down by Author or type of story.

    The Wyvern's library - An extensive resource for the SF&F reader, with over 2000 published works by 350 writers. Writers from all over the world have gathered their fiction here to allow for public viewing and comments.

    The Stone Chronicles - Reviews for various SF and Fantasy novels. Submit your own review or read others' submissions.

    A Hitchhiker's Guide to Science Fiction - An encyclopedic hypertext index to science fiction literature.

    Steampunk - An all-purpose portal for sf and fantasy--includes links to author websites, direct links to online texts at various locations on the internet, and lots of other stuff.

    Raven's Reviews - We've reviewed hundreds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Historical books by over 50 authors. Categories and a Top 100 list to make your search even easier. - The Internet Resource center for fantasy and science fiction books and authors.

    Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase - A continuous, ongoing effort to catalog, by numerous categories, works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

    Point Of Divergence - An Alternate-History Amateur Press Association. A forum for discussion of ideas, and a story workshop for Alternate History Writers.

    Alternate Headlines - A humorous look at possible newspaper headlines in worlds that might have happened.

    Weird Science Science Fiction Portal - All about nostalgic science fiction.

    Espora - The newszine of Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction.

    The Hugo Award - Worldcon's listing of all recipients of the Hugo.

    Justin's Place - An eclectic site which includes reviews of science fiction novels.

    Science Fiction Crowsnest - "The science fiction and fantasy search engine indexing the universe of science fiction: including Hologram Tales, the magazine of SF news, reviews, original art and fantasy fiction."

    Mostly Fiction: Recommended Science Fiction - A thorough list of recommended science fiction novels categorized by author and containing bibliographies and links to similar lists in other genres.

    Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy - A list of science fiction and fantasy novels and shorter works somehow certified kosher.

    The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive - USENET book and movie reviews, clip art, art, and links.

    Steven Silver's Book Reviews - This site contains a number of lengthy reviews of SF works.

    SF Site's FictionHome - Reviews and news of short fiction magazines and book anthologies.

    Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub - SF book reading and discussion group meeting twice monthly in Denver, Colorado. Web site contains pages on books and authors.

    The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide - ". . . the largest on-line encyclopedia of science fiction, with over 8,827 science fiction biographies, bibliographies, hotlinks," and boasts over 5,000 links to sf resources on the web.

    Delphi's SF Literature Forum - A Delphi Forums community of science fiction and fantasy readers and writers. Home of the Wednesday Night Irregulars chat, a Delphi fixture since 1985.

    Pegasus Nest: Recommended Books - Reviews of fantasy and sf, books and short fiction.

    Absolute Authority on Science Fiction Books - Collection of content, community, and tools available on the subject of Science Fiction Books.

    A Science Fiction and Fantasy Website - Articles about sf and fantasy and the genres' history, biographies of influential authors in the genre.

    Course Materials for the Study of Science Fiction - A study guide from a class taught at Washington State university, this site contains information about many SF classics, including hyperlinks to related sites.

    SF & Fantasy Books Online - An extensive collection of links to online texts of fantasy and science fiction stories and novels.

    Science Fiction: Nebula Award Winners. - The complete list of Nebula Award winners.

    Sweet Despise - "An exploration into the darker side of literature, including recommended reading, bibliographies and writing on: Michael Moorcock, Clark Ashton Smith, Angela Carter, Graham Masterton and others."

    Science Fiction & Fantasy World - featuring authors, the latest news, reviews, a free e-zine.

    The SF Site - Includes numerous book reviews, news, links to related resources, and also hosts the websites of various sf and fantasy e-zines.

    Science Fiction Link - Extracted from a class at the Community College of Vermont, this is an extensive directory of online resources of all sorts related to science fiction literature.

    Bibliography of Mormon Speculative Fiction - A growing listing of science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels, short stories, poetry, and genre-related nonfiction by Mormon authors.

    Recommended SF - A non-definitive guide to good SF and fantasy. - Science Fiction and Fantasy Book and Author Reviews. Reviews of authors and books in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

    Science Fiction Foundation Collection Home Page - An extensive online resource for sf literature from the University of Liverpool's Science Fiction Foundation.

    The James White Award - SciFi short story contest - Rules and Entry Form. Contest ends August 23, 2000.

    Religion in SF/F Literature - Includes 2,000 references to real churches, religions, and tribes in science fiction novels and short stories.

    Alternative Factor - A complete listing of all the science fiction works that have been translated into Greek.

    Science Fiction Review Site - Sci-fi and Fantasy book reviews, top ten lists, and short stories.

    Science Fiction+Fantasy Books - This site has some good science fiction and fantasy authors and their books as well as a picture gallery.

    Allexperts Science Fiction Q&A - Volunteer experts answer your questions about the novels of authors such as Asimov, Heinlein, Harrison, Clarke, Card, Niven, and more.

    Webs of Wonder - The First Annual SF in the Classroom Web Resource Contest. Sponsered by Analog Magazine and David Brin.

    TheReadersVine - SciFi & Fantasy - A Booklovers Paradise. The online community for book readers and writers, including book clubs and reviews, reading groups and discussions, and literature message boards and chats.

    Gateway: Alternate Worlds - A detailed look at what global society would be like if history had happened differently, with three suggested timelines, reviews of alternate history novels, and links to related sites.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, Paperback.
(Book one of this hilarious sci-fi series adapted from the BBC radio series.)

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Douglas Adams, Paperback.
(Book two.)

Life, the Universe and Everything, by Douglas Adams, Paperback.
(Book three.)

So Long and Thanks for the Fish, by Douglas Adams, Paperback.
(Book four.)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, Paperback.

Click here to order.

2001: A Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clark, Paperback, 25th Annivery Edition.
(Book one of this classic series.)
Click here to order.

2001: A Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clark

2001: A Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clark, Paperback.
(Book one of this classic series.)

2010: Odyssey Two
by Arthur C. Clark, Paperback.
(Book two.)

2061: Odyssey Three
by Arthur C. Clark, Paperback.
(Book three.)

*** Newest Release ***

3001: The Final Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clark, Hardback, Published March 1, 1997.
(Book four.)

by Frank Herbert

by Frank Herbert, Paperback, Special 25th anniversary Edition , Published 1996..
(Book one of this sprawling, wonderful saga.)

Dune Messiah
by Frank Herbert, Paperback.
(Book two.)

Children of Dune
by Frank Herbert, Paperback.
(Book three.)

God Emperor of Dune
by Frank Herbert, Paperback.
(Book four.)

Heretics of Dune
by Frank Herbert, Paperback.
(Book five.)

Chapterhouse Dune
by Frank Herbert, Paperback.
(Book six.)

by Frank Herbert, Paperback, Special 25th anniversary Edition , Published 1996..
(Book one of this sprawling, wonderful saga.)

Click here to order.

Rendevous with Rama
by Arthur C. Clarke, Paperback.
(Book one of this great space exploration series.)
Click here to order.

by Arthur C. Clarke

Rendevous with Rama
by Arthur C. Clarke, Paperback.
(Book one of this great space exploration series.)

Rama II
by Arthur C. Clarke, Paperback.
(Book two.)

The Garden of Rama
by Arthur C. Clarke, Paperback.
(Book three.)

Rama Revealed
by Arthur C. Clarke, Paperback.
(Book four.)

"Favorite" Science Fiction

Over the River & Through the Woods
by Clifford D. Simak
Note: Takes 4-6 weeks to ship. (One of our reader's favorites... This is a real gem of a collection of short stories. Each puts science fiction in a truly human context. Sometimes sentimental. Always charming.)
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Contact, by Carl Sagan

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