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CreativeMecca -
Art Directory and
Artist Resource Guide

Premier art directory and artist resource guide featuring multiple categories and free website listings for paintings and sculptures, photography, music, poetry, writing, TV and video.

Mayo Mac Boggs, Artist

Well-known for his abstract paintings, steel sculptures, bronze work, computer graphics and architectural designs.  His work has been placed in the presidential libraries of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

A Virtual Gallery to buy and sell fine art, crafts, photography and collectibles. Ted Laskowski of says that "... the web gives the public a wonderful, easy way to allow art into their lives quite naturally, without effort, to enjoy art for the moment or the rest of their lives – and this is a choice that can be made by a click of a button!" 

"I wanted to design a site that gave to artists as much as artists give to us, a synergistic, equal partnership. is proving to be just that.  And it was designed to be easy to use for artist and public alike!"

Philip Tsang

Through his wide range of oil paintings, he can touch people by the strong expression in his picture composition, light and colour arrangement, and artistic insight.

CGI Associates

Illustrated poetry, Limited edition prints and etchings, Galleries of various artists.

Hommage à Josef Elgurt

The artist Josef Elgurt is living and working in Riga, Latvia.  He works with different print techniques --  litography, lino-cut, etching...

Sign of Sandford

Sandford Birdsey is an internationally known artist who lives and works in Key West, Florida. She is accomplished in numerous media including watercolor, oil, acrylics, etchings, and collagraph. She also has pieces in scrimshaw and ceramics.

Paintings and Graphics from Russia
By Ian Shestovsky

Watercolors by
Helen K. Beacham

Originally from Montreal, Canada in 1952, Helen Beacham is now living and working in Midtown Memphis where she currently maintains her studio and gallery. Helen's works are included in private and corporate collections throughout the United States as well as in Sweden, England, Kuwait and Canada. She has shown her work in solo shows as well as in group shows, both nationally and internationally.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery

Explore this premier online art gallery in Seattle!

Visual Artistry
Online Gallery

Original art by contemporary artists in all artistic media, in a range of styles, available for purchase directly from the artists.

Hosts a contemporary collection of fine art by internationally recognized artists working in Contemporary, Abstract, Expressionist, Lyrical abstract and Informal styles. Original work in all media.

The Illustrations
of Hal Mayforth

This website is an archive of Hal Mayforth's work, and is intended to solicit his best work, the ones he hasn't done yet. Browse through the entertaining work of well-known illustrator - Hal Mayforth.

Hypermodern Realism
By Keith Halonen

Be sure to browse and view through this remarkable artist's online gallery. There are advanced Web programming techniques that make exploring Keith Halonen's gallery easy and fun!  

Site Sponsors
American Native
Art Gallery
- Native American Art with a Message! Selling Native Prints, Printed T-Shirts and Native Note Cards.

AnimAlu Productions
3D Animation and Stills
- Creator of high-quality 3D images and animations for the film, video, CD-ROM, and gaming industries. Any description of this company's work can not do justice to the remarkable quality of their art! A visual feast!

Another Form of Intervention - Online exhibition of multi-media artist and writer. Site explores various themes through images and hypertext. Avant-garde, modernist, philosophical slant.

Arab Art Gallery - Arab Art Gallery seeks to strengthen the vitality and appreciation of Arab arts and to help today`s visual expression take its deserved place as a cornerstone in the building of contemporary Arab culture.

Central / Eastern European Art
- ARTMargins is an online journal covering contemporary visual art in Central and Eastern Europe. It features essays by artists, critics and curators from Central/Eastern Europe and the West, as well as interviews and reviews.

Art Mountain Fine Art Gallery - "Now working with seascapes and renditions of the Northern California coast, Gary Fish searches for the combinations of colors that bring to life on canvas the ethereal quality of the morning fog as the veil through which the cypress and redwood coast of Big Sur and Monterey are most often seen."

The Art Paper - Suppliers of archival quality papers for all fine arts media. Over 400 papers from over 12 countries. Secure ordering, bulk rates, and free samples. Links page, newsletter, glossary, and searchable.

Art Quarter - Designed for the true lover of Fine Art and for those who are anxious to learn about it. They offer some great online art journals. If you would like to learn about art and artists, these journals are wonderful.

ArtNetGallery - The web gallery for international contemporary art. Presently exhibiting work by eleven artists.

Artprints From Arizona - Art Dolls. Southwestern Hopi Indian Kachina Dolls. Each artprint is vibrant and life-like, true to the traditions of the southwest.

Art Scene China - A contemporary Chinese art gallery.  It has a selection of over 200 images.  It is a great introduction to modern art in China.

The Arts Online - A site devoted to the online artistic community. A place to join digests, submit artwork, chat, win contests, or simply view the outstanding talent on the web!

Avalon West Fine Arts Project - Experience the history and enjoy the different way of life at this fine arts site featuring the singers, storytellers, actors, painters, of the Avalon West regional of Newfoundland, Canada.

Aviation Art by Rich Thistle - A Canadian artist and writer respected for his military and general aviation art and his vibrant WATERCOLORS of the Canadian landscape. This site allows you to enjoy the images, to read RICH'S ARTICLES about the people, the aircraft and the times depicted in his aviation images and shop at home for military and general aviation prints, collector plates and posters as well as his other reproductions.

Blue Fox Studio and Gallery - Blue Fox Gallery showcases emerging mixed media artists.

The Bronze Gallery - An online sculpture gallery displaying and selling original 19th and 20th century French and American Animalier bronze sculpture.  The site currently has over 175 original bronzes by more than 90 artists from this time period. You will find well known artists like Antoine Louis Barye, Pierre Jules Mene, Auguste Rodin, Charles Marion Russell, and Frederick MacMonnies as well as some of the lesser known artists such as the 19th century blind French sculptor Louis Vidal, the 19th century French woman sculptress Mathilde Thomas-Soyer and the early 20th century American Western sculptor Hughlette Wheeler. 

Nathan S. Buttleman - View his work, painting, and other art forms!

The Critique Shop! - The source for improving your paintings and drawings. Includes tips, books, videos and articles on how to self-critique your art, as well  as a fee-based critique service.

Ireneusz  Ciesiolkiewicz - Trained in art and architecture in both Europe and the United States.   He teaches a variety of art and design subjects at  U.C.  Berkeley and an ongoing drawing and painting program at his atelier.  He exhibits his work in the Bay Area and Mexico. He has received several national and international awards for his paintings and prints.

Crockett's Photo Gallery - Outdoor and Nature Photography Featuring the Outdoor and Nature photography of Lester M. Crockett, Jr. See 'wild' Chincoteague ponies by the sea, Skipjack sailboats, and other scenes from around the Delmarva Peninsula.

Deutsch Friesenhahn - A central Texas artist, now offers nationally her signed and unsigned color reproductions of Texas Remembrance as well as other fine art originals, prints, custom/commissioned work, and portraits of animal and people.

Digistorm Media Art and Web Design - A fantastic online gallery with many images free for personal use. Send them to friends with a Digistorm Webcard. Providing web design and production consultation for your e-commerce web site or Internet venture. Be sure and view Digistorms wonderful online art!

Doubletake Gallery
Fine Art Consignments
- Doubletake Gallery accepts internationally recognized artists for consignment from art owners across the USA. A fine art gallery for you to buy and sell prints, sculptures, and paintings. They handle modern and contemporary works by such artists as Warhol, Neiman, Erte, and Rockwell.

Computer Art of Anne Eldridge - Anne Eldridge creates her work entirely on a computer with wonderful results! View her Experiencing Old Age and more!

Sara Eyestone - Sara Eyestone paints beautiful florals that appear on Caspari note cards, art posters, collector plates, limited edition prints, and a signature line of fabrics sold world-wide.

Fine Art Journals - Creative Journal, Art Journal, Drawing of the Day and Pablo - The Louvre Test. Journals, art reproductions and art posters!

Garie's Art - Explore this artist's provocative and haunting multi-media pieces!  

Linda Huffman - Art and cartoons by an internationally acclaimed artist and cartoonist for viewing, for sale and for syndication.

Original Paintings by
L. Diane Johnson, PSA
Southwind Studios
- Offers original impressionistic and representational American and European landscapes, still-life, and portraits in pastel, oil, and  acrylic, by American artist; Who’s Who in American Art, South and Southwest, serving private and corporate collectors since 1983.

Tom Kennedy - American portrait artist, Tom Kennedy specializes in illustration, portraiture, fine art renderings of people, wildlife, places and things.

Kinetic Sculpture - Tom Brewitz creates wind-generated outdoor and hand generated indoor kinetic sculpture with brushed stainless planes that move gracefully, reflect environment and dazzling the eye.

Richard Klimesh
Farrier - Artist - Blacksmith
- Steel horse sculptures combining classical and whimsical lines and shapes.

Frank Larson - Nationally-recognized painter Frank Larson captures the changing landscapes of Vermont as only a consummate, professional artist can. In canvas, after spectacular canvas, Frank chronicles the changing four seasons of his beautiful home state of Vermont and throughout New England in the broad, colorful strokes that mark his style.

Michael Lawrence Company - Mr. Lawrence's intricate boxes, vases, teapots and candleholders demonstrate great attention to the most minute details.  Each unique art piece is lovingly handcrafted, painted and signed by the artist.  Porcelain collectibles by Michael Lawrence featuring jungle animals and more!

Robert Conrad Ledoux - Scenes of Connecticut communities by Fairfield artist Robert Conrad Ledoux. Includes list of his lithographs and a scedule of outdoor art shows he will participate in.
Outsider Art by Leigh
- Self-taught Seattle artist, Leigh's work is a whimsical celebration of her love for animals. She strives to capture the special charms, warmth and delight that animals bring her. New art for sale weekly. - Revolutionize the way you buy and sell on the secondary art market. ARTonline is an online marketplace that provides efficient trading of art related merchandise in a classified format.
New Mexico Santos
- Premiere information site for Hispanic arts/crafts/culture in the American Southwest. Devotional art. Site covers Tradición Revista, LPD Press, Santo & Milagro Rubber stamps, and Our Saints Among Us exhibit. Free artist database.

Ken Pattern - The Artist - A Canadian landscape artist who has lived in Jakarta Indonesia since 1989. Pattern works in a variety of media including drawing, painting and printmaking (stone lithography). Of special note are pen and ink drawings and lithographs of rural and urban landscapes of Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia. Through these intricate images Pattern is documenting an Indonesian social heritage that is fast disappearing.

Pierre B Fine Art - Experience the glory of the French Arts of America! They display original works from 25 top contemporary French artists in their gallery in Montreal.

Prop Art - They build key props for film, print and display. With attention grabbing props, Prop Art has created some great pieces!

James Rizzi- 3-D Art combining the disciplines of painting, printmaking and sculpting resulting in his 3-D construction process. An "urban primitive" artist representing his celebration of a happy childhood in New York.

Roby's Fine Art and Prints - Limited edition wildlife prints by pastel artist Roby Baer. Extreme detail in these bird and fish art prints. Gallery art prints of wildlife, limited edition.

Sports Art - Debbie Rosenthal - She has grown from sketching horses in her room to portraying portrait and abstract paintings of major sport figures and related subjects in her studio. She is currently working on race-horses and 3-D experimental works on canvas and is available for commissions.

Salvatore Ventura - Salvatore Ventura's art comes to life on these pages!

Wildlife Art - By Joan Pain - Joan Pain worked in theatre, graphic art, film and video in Saskatoon for over 20 years. She embarked on what was to become a series of award-winning wildlife portraits. A new series of paintings reflect a history of time and place that is continually being reclaimed by nature.

Zoa Sculpture - Online catalog of sculpture by Bathsheba Grossman. Her talismanic works, hand cast in bronze and silver and set with gemstones, are complex as puzzles, simple as meditations, extraordinary as life.  


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Visit our Art Education online!
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